Dr. Sara Jean Barrett

naturopathic doctor

I believe that effective healthcare is a collaborative partnership between the patient and the provider. I want to break down the hierarchy that often exists in healthcare systems. I strive to build strong relations with my patients and inspire them to make lasting changes in their health. My goal is to dig into the root cause of your conditions and help initiate whole body healing. I am an avid student of holistic healthcare and I constantly bring new information into my practice. No two people are the same, and I create personalized treatment plans that reflect my patients unique health care needs. My naturopathic practice focuses on autoimmune disease, chronic ailments, hormone imbalance, and digestive concerns.  

I am also passionate about creating a sustainable, productive and collaborative healthcare model. I co-founded Wellness Minneapolis to create a space for my patients and other holistic care practitioners to thrive. Together we can bring holistic healthcare to the forefront of medicine.

In the Fall of 2022 I added Dr. Aidanne MacDonald-Milewski to my team. For some time I have been searching for a naturopathic doctor to join my practice. I am pleased to announce that I have found the right fit with Dr. Aidanne. She shares my passion for naturopathic medicine, she’s dedicated, organized, and is a pleasure to work with. 

Dr. Aidanne and I will be working closely on patient cases to ensure that you receive consistent quality care. 

Dr. Barrett has been in practice since 2012.