How to keep your Agni/digestion healthy

‘Agni’ is the digestive fire in the stomach.It works similar to the fire outside.If the fire is strong it will digest the food better.Weak agni gives rise to ama (digestive toxins), which further generate diseases.It is very important to keep the agni strong and healthy.

•Drink small sips of warm or room temperature water during meals not more than 8oz.

•Having meals around the same time everyday.

•Using spices while cooking like ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel.

•Chewing fennel seeds after meals.

•1 tsp of ghee with meals.

•Proper chewing of food as digestion starts when the food mixes with the saliva.

•Ideally one should fill the stomach with-

One-third solid food

One-third liquid food

One-third should be empty for the movement of doshas.

• Eating meals in a good mood.

•Lunch should be the largest meal of the day.

•Exercising regularly, yoga or brisk walking.

•Meditating everyday and practicing pranayama.

•Including all the six tastes(sweet,sour,pungent,astringent,bitter,salty) in the meals.

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